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So, what does working together actually look like?



We meet and talk about your goals.

What makes you great? I want to hear all about why you started your business, what you’ve achieved to date, and what you envision for your future.

We’ll chat about what your marketing and communications have looked like so far and what you’re looking for in your marketing.

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We run an audit of your existing communications.

You'll get a report on everything I learn about your branding, marketing, and funnels, identifying what’s working best, where the gaps are, and potential solutions.


We clarify priorities, and define next steps.

We’ll prioritize our to-do list by deciding what goals will have the most impact for your business. ​ We’ll set the scope, decide what metrics we want to focus on, and what experiments we’ll run to maximize conversions.


More questions? Send me an email :)

  • How much does it cost?
    My quotes will change depending on your needs, so please get in touch for an estimate Typically, my projects last 1-3 months and cost $7,000-$10,000. For longer projects and retainers (6+ month), discounted rates are an option. I always offer payment plans! I’m happy to reduce prices for non-profits whenever I can 🙂
  • What if I already have a design/marketing team?
    Even better! I work with teams big and small, helping to get organized and work towards the goals that will be the most impactful to your business.
  • I can’t afford to prioritize marketing and communications right now.
    Fair, but – can you afford not to? When you're navigating growth phases (or regaining your footing after a catastrophe *coughcough-all-of-2020-cough*) you need to leverage every tool you have. Your brand communications are a HUGE, and often overlooked, opportunity for conversion. Here's some proof from previous clients: I helped BetterUp convert 40 new monthly subscribers with one email. Hello, Writer went on to make more than $19K after we worked on branding materials for a new cohort. I helped Total Mom Inc. sell more than 350+ tickets to their first annual Pitch Contest.
  • Can I try working with you before committing to a longer term agreement?
    Yes, of course! Get in touch to talk about a specific project you’re looking for help on. The most common shorter term and introductory projects include Brand guidelines Email marketing & newsletters SEO content creation
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