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Hey, you! Yeah you.
I need your help.

Job Title: Creative Assistant

Part Time: 10-12 hours/week

Salary: $17/hr CAD

Location: Fully Remote

Contract: One-year (with intent to grow)

Hi, I'm Tasha 👋🏽

I’m a freelance brand identity designer based in Toronto, ON. I’m searching for an assistant to help me manage my creative strategy and production load.

I'm looking for someone with a passion for marketing and branding, particularly within the social good sphere.


As a creative assistant, you’d be doing a lot of graphic design, copywriting, social media, and some basic research and strategy development.


What you'll be doing.

  • Brand ID research

  • Copywriting

    • I have access to the GrowClass curriculum- I’d like to have you complete some of the specific copywriting modules that I found to be super useful!

  • Visual development and creative experimentation

  • Graphic design production work such as

    • Brand books

    • Layouts/templates/asset creation

    • Social media content

You'll be a good fit if–

  • You have experience working as a designer in a professional capacity (freelance, in house, internships, etc.)

  • You have experience in English copywriting and graphic design (I’m always happy to train and support you along the way, but a strong base is VITAL)

  • You’re comfortable doing basic research to find answers (ex, deciding what social platform to use for a client's needs, creating contextual maps of a target demographic, etc.). Basically, creative googling.

  • You're well versed in Adobe Illustrator, In Design, XD (basics), and Photoshop, and Google Drive sheets/docs.

  • You have excellent communication skills

  • You care about feminism social good! My company is dedicated to growing companies that help women* access opportunities, power, and a higher quality of life.

  • You ALWAYS make your deadlines. This is the most important thing.

  • You're ready to learn, give input, take ownership of your projects, and apply feedback you receive.

  • You're passionate about entrepreneurship, and hope to build a freelance career/your own business

  • You're interested in marketing and brand Identities


We'll be
a good team if-

  • You're laid back, friendly, easy going, and passionate about your work.

  • Kind of a nerd for doing a good job because you really enjoy it. (yes I'm talking about me, I'm the nerd)

  • You're independent! I am a huge advocate for accessible workplaces, particularly around flexible schedules. You do your thing, I'll do mine, and we'll collaborate as we need to.

  • You're committed to doing a good job because it's important to you and your future as a creative entrepreneur.

  • You like to own a project you're working on, and feel comfortable taking the lead where you can.

  • You're comfortable asking for help, support, and clarification!

  • You care just a bit too much about feminism. Because we need to be able to rant to each other about the patriarchy.


Pay: $17/hr CAD (paid monthly)

Contract: One year, with three month trial (no 2 week dismissal notice)

Location: Fully remote. (Personally I'm heading to Mexico for some sunshine

Hours: 10-12hrs/week

  • You choose your schedule! As long as deadlines are met to a high quality, you do whatever works for you. I usually do 9:30-6:30 (give or take a few hours) M-F. I'm unreachable on weekends.

  • Daily (ish) contact via message is to be expected, especially at the beginning as we learn how to work together and figure out our system.

  • Video calls 1-2x per week to check in and connect. (Sometimes it may be more often)

About the business–

I’m Tasha,  a brand identity designer based in Toronto, ON. I got my bachelors in Graphic Design at OCAD University, and I have been freelancing for about 4 years.

My business is all about using graphic design and communication for social good- specifically feminism!

I work with companies like Total Mom Inc. and the Canadian Women’s Chamber of Commerce that work to help women* access opportunities, power, and a higher quality of life.

Please note that my business is-


  • Dedicated to supporting WOC*

  • LGBTQIA+ friendly

  • Accepting of mental illness

  • Dedicated to paying a comfortable hourly rate, above the legal minimum

If there's anything I can do to support you further as your potential employer, please let me know!

*Women is an inclusive term! If you feel you fit, I agree.

Seem like a good fit?
Please send your cover letter, resume, and portfolio.

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