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Do you want to make the world better?


Me too :) Let's talk!


I design brand identities for founders, businesses, and organizations that help people. 


Designing strong brand identities means that we get to give a louder voice to the people making positive change. We help social enterprises communicate efficiently and effectively, making room for new ideas to take hold and disrupt the world as we know it.


I want to use design to help create a world that is more accessible, more equitable, and more sustainable- and I need help!


I’m looking to develop a list of freelancers and contractors.

— Junior/Studio Designers

— Layout Designers

— Web Developers

Coding, but also just working on clients’ existing Wordpress, Squarespace, Wix, etc.

— Social Media Marketer/Managers/Content Creators

— Copywriters

If what I have here doesn’t describe you, just shoot me an email anyways!

I get lots of different kinds of jobs and clients, and I’d love to give you a call when I need exactly your skill set.


I'm Tasha Tringale!


I’m a Toronto-based graphic designer and illustrator, and I’ve been a freelancer for the last few years.


I love to read (send me book recommendations if you email me please), watch Micheal Schur shows on repeat (it’s Parks & Rec this week), and listen to emo music from the early 2000s (it wasn’t a phase, Mom). 


My quarantine hobbies are eating bread, and telling my boyfriend I’ll learn how to code next week.


I graduated from Sheridan College and OCAD University, and have worked in a number of industries, with clients including the Canadian Women’s Chamber of Commerce, Myant Inc., and Fresh Restaurants.

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