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Brand identity design for feminism.

You help women* access opportunities, power, and a higher quality of life.


I help you help more.



*Women is an inclusive term! If you feel you fit, I agree. No gatekeeping here 💪🏽

Tell me if this sounds like you-

Your business has been around for a few years. You’ve met all your original goals, and you’ve learned that you have the potential to achieve so many more! More ways to help, more people to help, and more money to be made.

You’re a different person than you were when you first started out, and your brand just doesn’t feel right anymore.


You’re ready for something a little more professional, a little more exciting, and a lot more effective.


If you're still reading this,
I know you know.

Especially if you’re nodding your head along subconsciously. It's time to grow.

My job is to help you take advantage of the HUGE opportunity that is your branding, and leverage it into a conversion machine.

A strong brand (and this doesn’t just mean a logo, okay, I’m talking every 👏🏽 single 👏🏽 external 👏🏽 communication) is a brand that works for you.

  • I just can't afford a new look.
    Okay- but can you afford not to have one? When you're starting out (or trying to regain your footing after a catastrophe *coughcough-all-of-2020-cough*) you need to leverage every tool you have. Your branding is a HUGE conversion opportunity, and a tool that is almost always overlooked. Think of it this way: your brand is anything that a client -or potential client- interacts with. It's a vital part of developing your brand trust and recognition, and building up a client base. Your brand has the potential to increase your traffic at every single point of the growth funnel.
  • I already work with a graphic designer.
    Even better! I often work with teams to devlop a unified and cohesive strategy for your brand communications. If your creative department feels like a lot of different goals and ideas going on at once, and no real system to guide them, I'm here to help. You're probably also a good fit for the Ready to Grow Kit- this is a custom-made brand identity kit that can be shared with contractors, a design team, developers, or any other person that may be working on your brand communications. It helps keep everyone on the same page, and working towards acheiving goals efficiently and effectively.
  • I do the designs for myself, for now."
    That's great- for now. Commiting to growth means commiting to spending your valuable time at the thing you're best at- running your company. Good delegating is the key to success. If you do want to primarily handle your own creative though, the Ready to Grow Kit is a good option. This is a step-by-step brand guideline that I custom-make for your specific needs. You can use it to inform your design decisions, and drastically cut down the time you spend on brand communications.

So, what makes a
great brand great?

Connects you with your most profitable audience at every opportunity

Makes sure everyone knows exactly who you are. In one quick glance.

Helps you make decisions about what move is the best one

Makes you

more money!

These are (some of the things) I can help you with.

Looking for something else? Let's talk about it.

  • Content Creation

  • Social Scheduling

  • Social Strategy

  • Email Marketing

  • Digital Newsletters

  • Copywriting

  • Brand Guidelines

  • Visual Identity

  • Brand Story

  • Creative for Digital Marketing

  • And more!

“Tasha is an invaluable member on our team and she'd make a wonderful and unique contribution to your team. 

Not only is she in charge of graphic design, illustrations and creative insight, but she's a thoughtful team mate who contributes empathetically to all our meetings and I believe she'd make a wonderful addition to your team.”

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Joella Almeida

Canadian Women's Chamber of Commerce,

Manager of Strategic Partnerships

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